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About Ryan Shakes

Ryan Shakes is an American internet personality who has gained immense popularity on TikTok, and is signed to Viral Nation. His debut in the social-media scene started through 'YouTube,' when he was just 9 years old. As of May 1, 2020, his TikTok account has 5 million followers, making him one of the most followed users on the platform.

Quick Facts 
Ryan Shakes ALSO KNOWN AS: Itsryanshakes

Ryan Shakes BORN: December 3, 2001 (age 21 years), West Palm Beach, FL


Ryan Shakes NATIONALITY: American

Ryan Shakes HEIGHT: 6'2"

Ryan Shakes SIBLINGS: Zayla Shakes

Rise to Fame

Ryan Shakes stepped into the social-media scene in 2011, when he pursued video-making as a mere hobby. His hobby eventually turned into a passion, and he got serious about it. In late 2016, Shakes began making lip-sync videos for 'TikTok,' which was known as '' back then. As time passed, he started garnering the attention of his viewers. His lip-sync and comedy videos became viral, and the number of followers on his channel, too, began increasing. His ‘TikTok’ page, 'itsryanshakes,' has more than 6.9 million fans and over 199 million "likes." He owns another 'TikTok' account under the name 'itzryanshakes,' which as at January 2020 has acquire a fan base of more than 900K thousand followers.


Shakes launched his own 'YouTube' channel on January 1, 2016. However, his first 'YouTube' channel, which was created in 2011, is no longer active. His current self-titled channel on the platform hosts lip-sync clips, comedy videos, and vlogs. The first video on the channel was an “intro vlog” posted on November 3, 2016. In one of the “Q&A” videos on the channel, he explained the reason behind his decision to quit 'YouTube' earlier. His current channel has accumulated only 10,000 thousand subscribers to date.

Ryan Shakes owns an 'Instagram' page called 'itsryanshakes,' where his random posts have earned him 100,000 thousand followers. 

His signature shakeypods are available on his shopping website, ''

Family & Personal Life

Ryan Shakes was born on December 3, 2001, in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America. He grew up with two sisters, Rochelle and Zayla, and a brother, Zayne.

Ryan Shakes on TikTok

Ryan Shakes - Your battery...
Ryan Shakes - freid ice cream chicken
Ryan Shakes with _zaylashakes1

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